Bug Bounty Programs

For the past year, I've been participating in various public and private bug bounty programs on both HackerOne and Intigriti. You can see my Hall of Fame entries here.

Competitions & CTFs

I've been competing in CTFs both solo and with my team (Highway to HAL) since 2018. You can find my CTF placements here.

Python IP Rotator

requests-ip-rotator is a Python package that I developed to utilize AWS API Gateway to send requests from seemingly-random IPs. You can find it on GitHub.

H2H Toolkit

H2H Toolkit is a closed-source continuous monitoring and scanning service, designed to help with large bug bounty programs. It's been in regular development for more than half a year now, and will be open-sourced once fully complete.


StegOnline is an Open-Source Steganography kit, designed to simplify the creating and solving processes of Steganography challenges. You can find the code here, or try the site for yourself here.

Flask Parameter Validation

Flask Parameter Validation is a python package, used as an extension to Flask APIs to simplify the parameter handling, validating and type-checking of all input types. You can find the pypi page here, or view the source code here.


Personal Infrastructure

Both this site, and the more detailed admin.georgeom.net site are both hand-made (frameworkless) and open-source. The admin dashboard monitors all server details, and allows custom service control.